Feb 26, 2015

Catch Fraudulent Domains with NormShield

Sophisticated, spear or not, phishing attacks include registered domain names similar to yours and leverage these fraudulent domain names in order to better persuade victims who are trusting your company's brand. It is easy to find unregistered domain names similar to yours with name generator services like NameMesh. Misspellings and typos in domain names make really easy to fall into for even sharp-eyed victims...

It requires significant resource to proactively to look for such fraudulent domains, therefore, NormShield brings a brand new feature of monitoring similar and possibly fraudulent domains.

Configuring NormShield in order to automatically monitor possible fraudulent domains
You can generate and insert similar domain names in NormShield and let it to check the followings
  • any new registration information
  • changes in registration information
  • existence of the domains in malware lists
and let you know if any of those get triggered.