Feb 18, 2015

Graphics Needs Satisfied

One of the most important yet difficult areas of information security is to show the value of it. Upon an incident the information security awareness is on crest. On the other hand when everything goes smooth and there isn't any known incidents the awareness slope approaches to, well, not zero maybe but low levels.

You or you infosec team may work hard to prevent any unlawful behavior to your company's infrastructure but it's important to let this hard work known by your upper management. Of course this is not the sole point of every security action, but a critical part.

Here, NormShield brings various reports into the table for you. Here are some of the graphics we produce for your needs;

  1. 1. Open/Closed Vulnerability Trend By Severity
  2. 2. Top 10 Open Vulnerabilities 
  3. 3. Top 10 Hosts with Open Vulnerabilities  
  4. 4. Open Vulnerability Distribution By OS 
  5. 5. Open Vulnerability Counts By NS Risk Score  
  6. 6. Average Days To Close By Severity 
  7. 7. Average Days To Close By Month  
  8. 8. Open Vulnerability Count By Label 
  9. 9. Asset Count By Month  

The possibilities are endless, however, especially the ones related to KPIs and SLAs with numbers 6,7,8 and 9 are excellent graphics for the managers. Here are some of the graphs you'll taste with NormShield. The graphs will come along with specific filters so, to ease the adjustment.
How are doing for finding/causing vulnerabilities over time?
Vulnerability counts for assets grouped in custom labels
Are we improving our scope?

How are we doing with closing vulnerabilities? Keen, lazy, so so?
Are slowing down closing vulnerabilities? Did the last month's push help?
Do we have high risk vulnerabilities? If so, how many?